Friday, August 13, 2010

visitors from georgia!

my cousin jordan was in town for business. we got to have him over for dinner and i really enjoyed the visit. lil H wasn't really sure what to think about him though. he pretty much hid behind me for the first 30 minutes or so. i tried all sorts of trick to get him to come out of his shell.

I've decided that lil H is also sort of like a puppy dog. He like snacks and is greedy with his snack and he likes to play in the toilet. (no, i don't let him, but if i forget to close the bathroom door it is the first place that he ventures to)anyways, i gave jordan a snack for Henry, thinking he would warm up to idea of a snack (sort of like a puppy), instead he just decided that he had no need for the snack, at least until i had it in my hands.

by the end of the night he was showing off and running around screaming. then jordan became his best friend and had a tickle fight with him.


i only thought lil H liked bath time. then i added bubbles! he screamed and splashed. i think the photos demonstrate his excitement!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

i can't help it...

i am addicted! i just can't help it. i want to sit all day long and make things. I want to sew baby shoes, i'm itching to piece together another quilt (it's been three years!), and i'm addicted to photoshop.

Luckily i've been able to release all of this pent up energy into worthwhile projects. I'm slowly making some waves on the baby shoe production. I sold $100 worth last week.

My quilt itch is sortof being mended. I'm using most of my days off to help Jeane finish her quilt. Last summer, while pregnant i started a little group. (mostly to invite those who needed extra space, like myself, to sew) Jeane's quilt has just been sitting there. It's been on my mind, mostly because she needed a buddy and at the time i couldn't do it. So, now, i have HER quilt at my house and am working on it for her. Don't worry, i didn't steal it!!! Promise! She is AMAZING. She is one of those ladies who has many many years of experience and advice to share. Her adventures are great fun to listen to and i've enjoyed getting to know her. The more i got to know her, the more i realized that physically she wasn't really in the position to finish this quilt by herself. I am now doing the quilt for her so that she too can enjoy the pleasures of a handmade quilt (because it is so yummy!).
I'm getting plans in order for lil H's birthday. it's a month away, and i would be lying if i said that i just started thinking about what i wanted to do. I want it to be simple and fun and because he sortof just sits there and stares at kids he's not too familiar with i figured the fewer little faces the better. Plus, i think that even though the 'FIRST BIRTHDAY' is a big deal, it's more of a deal to the crazy mom who wants everything to be perfect. yes i understand that I have the potential to be that crazy mom. however i'm not going to be. there will be cupcakes and few decorations (because those are my favorite part to make!) and of course the TANK. I've decided that I don't want to make the cupcakes... I can do it and that knowledge is enough. My postage stamp kitchen just can't take the beating of baking and decorating. Atleast i can't take the beating of the space i have to create in there... so i'm going to purchase simple cupcakes and then maybe decorate them... i dunno, we will see how i feel about a week out from the date.

I've been working on some ideas for business cards. I'm convinced i need a letterpress kit or an emosser. They look essential for all great crafting needs. But before i can make the cards i need to work on a name... So i am working on that at the moment. and i know that i can make them, especially since i have so few that are going out at a time.

Monday, August 2, 2010

summer time:

so it is summer time, and has been for a while now. even though it is most definetly hot outside this has been my favorite season with lil H. because he is walking everywhere and exploring everything it seems more magical than previous summers. he loves being outside so we spend lots of time at the pool, sprinkler parks, regular parks and play in the breezway daily. he can be the crankiest kid, but once i open that door he runs straight for it and screams with delight while running up and down the corridor at our apartments.

When he visits grandpa and mimi's he gets to help water in the garden and harvest the vegetable... not sure how much of what he helps with actually makes it inside to be eaten, but he does help.
other than adventures with the tank, we have been readily getting things in order to hopefully (fingers crossed) move back up north at the end of the year. I've been working on baby shoes, and have been selling them. there seems to be a market out there. i'm working on business cards, and looking into registering a company name and everything. i'm pretty excited.
oh, and my sketchbook is looking pretty cool. It's been fun to fill it up with what has been floating around in my mind!