Monday, August 2, 2010

summer time:

so it is summer time, and has been for a while now. even though it is most definetly hot outside this has been my favorite season with lil H. because he is walking everywhere and exploring everything it seems more magical than previous summers. he loves being outside so we spend lots of time at the pool, sprinkler parks, regular parks and play in the breezway daily. he can be the crankiest kid, but once i open that door he runs straight for it and screams with delight while running up and down the corridor at our apartments.

When he visits grandpa and mimi's he gets to help water in the garden and harvest the vegetable... not sure how much of what he helps with actually makes it inside to be eaten, but he does help.
other than adventures with the tank, we have been readily getting things in order to hopefully (fingers crossed) move back up north at the end of the year. I've been working on baby shoes, and have been selling them. there seems to be a market out there. i'm working on business cards, and looking into registering a company name and everything. i'm pretty excited.
oh, and my sketchbook is looking pretty cool. It's been fun to fill it up with what has been floating around in my mind!

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