Sunday, October 31, 2010


September is a beautiful time of year here in Dallas. It is most amazing because this is when the last drop of leftover heat disappears. If you can make it through to the last couple weeks in September you are good to go. I'm not sure if it is Texas' way of celebrating, or if it is just coincidence, but this is also the time of year when the State Fair of Texas is going on. The state fair is full of crafts, photo ops, all the fried food imaginable, rides, cool (and boring)exhibits and so much more.

We took the train to the fair grounds. I really like to ride on the train, lots of people watching opportunities, plus we didn't have to worry about parking.

Once we got to the fair the first exhibit we stopped at was the car show. We had to show lil H all that is good in this world. It didn't take much explaining, he already has 'CAR' branded into his heart. Look at the pure joy on his face! We will teach him how to work hard so he can one day buy his own cool car like this Corvette!

How can you go to a Texas car show and NOT take a picture in one of the over-sized trucks? If goldy locks was about a boy and took place in different sized trucks: Henry would be sitting in papa bear's front seat.

We watched a parade. It was pretty cool. Because it was put on by the electric company everything was lit up very creatively. Some of the costumes were a little bit scary looking.

You also go to the fair to check out the latest 'fried wonder'. below is fried chocolate on the left, and on the right is fried cookie dough. We also gave fried pizza a shot, and were sadly disappointed. We of course enjoyed a corn dog, pineapple ice cream, root-beer, cotton candy and eyed other fried creations. Some of the other fried options were: fried peanut butter and jelly banana sandwiches, fried lemon-aid, fried peaches and cream, fried Frito pie... the list goes on and on!
This is the biggest ferris wheel I've ever seen. I think it is beautiful. It is a landmark too, growing up I'd always gage how much further something was in comparison to the ferris wheel.

Our ride home on the train: It was a busy day and those eyes were as tired as they look.

Until next year: so long state fair!


So i am finally posting about lilH's birthday. Since the party things have been crazy so i haven't done more than load the photos onto the computer from the camera. I had a blast planning his celebration. I made his invites, which turned out really cute. The front was printed on photo paper, and the back was stitched together with thread and mini pennants cut out of mix and match paper.

His highchair needed a face lift. I spray painted it black and made it a new cover. I was so excited when I found the fabric that I used for the cover. Before lil H was born, and while I was planning all the things I was going to make for him, I ran across this fabric. I fell in love with it. I wanted to do his nursery out of it. I was going to make the crib set and everything else to coordinate with the animal print. I couldn't find it anywhere though. So, while I was meandering through JoAnn's a few weeks ago, I came across this and was probably a little over excited. Either way, I snatched it up. And it is now the newest addition to our home decor!

King Henry the First

I think cupcakes are some of the cutest cakes. Lucky for me they are also the perfect size for little hands to hold. I love how artistic some bakeries are with their cupcake designs. We got a couple dozen cupcakes from a few different bakeries to sample their unique styles. I love the paper cups that envelope the actual cake and the bundtini's from 'nothing bundt cakes' were a huge hit, and delicious. I need to spend more time in the kitchen! (first i need a bigger kitchen mine just isn't cut out for real baking).
When we gave lil H the cupcake he wasn't really sure if he was supposed to actually eat it. He kept looking at me as tough to make sure it was ok to be putting this in his mouth. Once he got that in his mouth, he was pretty ok with it. He ate most of it.
The park that we had it at is so beautiful. It was an amazing day and we were blessed to have some of our good friends join us. I don't always remember to take photos of everything that goes on, but I caught a little bit of the party to share, and a few of lil h's friends.

My friends' kiddos, these two little guys are the same age, you'd never guess that if you didn't know! they are both too cute. And those faces are priceless, like a couple of grumpy old men!
More cute kiddos that came to celebrate. When lil H started opening gifts she tried to show him how it was done. it was pretty funny. He wasn't all that interested in the opening of the packages, but he sure did wear this penguin push toy out before we left. the banged it around on the pavement and let the whole park know how much he loved it

The penguin toy was cool, at least until he found the doggy drinking fountain. this child loves water. this was the party to him. And he did not want to part from it.
Oh, the joy this little boy has brought to my heart. I love how new everything that we do is to him. Watching a child who is exploring and curious is good for the adult soul. I think too soon we forget about the wonders of what is around us. Have children helps re-open that part of your soul.

Friday, October 1, 2010

dear henry,

it's amazing what you reflect on when reviewing the first year of a baby's life. i truely am amazed at what you have learned, how fast you have grown and how much you have changed our lives. i am so greatful for having the opportunity to be a mom, for every moment that i have gotten to watch you grow. from the first kick i felt, the first touch of you against my skin, to watching you explore every thing around you, i have been so blessed with the opportunity to have you in my life.

you have surpassed any of my expectations and continue to amaze me daily,

love mom.