Sunday, October 31, 2010


September is a beautiful time of year here in Dallas. It is most amazing because this is when the last drop of leftover heat disappears. If you can make it through to the last couple weeks in September you are good to go. I'm not sure if it is Texas' way of celebrating, or if it is just coincidence, but this is also the time of year when the State Fair of Texas is going on. The state fair is full of crafts, photo ops, all the fried food imaginable, rides, cool (and boring)exhibits and so much more.

We took the train to the fair grounds. I really like to ride on the train, lots of people watching opportunities, plus we didn't have to worry about parking.

Once we got to the fair the first exhibit we stopped at was the car show. We had to show lil H all that is good in this world. It didn't take much explaining, he already has 'CAR' branded into his heart. Look at the pure joy on his face! We will teach him how to work hard so he can one day buy his own cool car like this Corvette!

How can you go to a Texas car show and NOT take a picture in one of the over-sized trucks? If goldy locks was about a boy and took place in different sized trucks: Henry would be sitting in papa bear's front seat.

We watched a parade. It was pretty cool. Because it was put on by the electric company everything was lit up very creatively. Some of the costumes were a little bit scary looking.

You also go to the fair to check out the latest 'fried wonder'. below is fried chocolate on the left, and on the right is fried cookie dough. We also gave fried pizza a shot, and were sadly disappointed. We of course enjoyed a corn dog, pineapple ice cream, root-beer, cotton candy and eyed other fried creations. Some of the other fried options were: fried peanut butter and jelly banana sandwiches, fried lemon-aid, fried peaches and cream, fried Frito pie... the list goes on and on!
This is the biggest ferris wheel I've ever seen. I think it is beautiful. It is a landmark too, growing up I'd always gage how much further something was in comparison to the ferris wheel.

Our ride home on the train: It was a busy day and those eyes were as tired as they look.

Until next year: so long state fair!

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