Thursday, November 4, 2010

From Pumpkins to Candy:

October was filled with lots of fun activities. the city of flower mound has this amazing pumpkin patch, lots of pumpkins and wagons and things to climb and play on. lil H had a lot of fun. the wagon was the highlight of the day. he thought it was cooler than anything else that was there.

after he got warmed up to us being somewhere new, he helped himself to all the pumkpins. it was funny to see him trying to move them around. he mostly just bent down and would try for a little bit, then walk over to another one.


Now, halloween was fun. he still didn't quite get it. he liked the boot portion of his costume (but how could you not love the boot part?). he ran to a couple of houses, but then would stop at the sidewalk. one of my friends dressed up as a pirate and lil H didn't like that too much.

the lil buckaroo! he got his first piece of candy, and he put up a fight to keep it all to himself. well, at least until he decided the dog needed to taste too.

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