Wednesday, March 24, 2010

an interview and tuna steaks

Today when i woke up I knew it was going to be a pretty good day (even though the sun has decided to hide behind the clouds for the most part). A few weeks ago I applied to every job i could think of. I figured that after a month of not hearing back from any of the companies, and that the select few i did hear back from said "we will keep you application for 60 days, but you aren't a fit for us at this time.", that i was never going to get a job. I had even changed my thinking and decided that I probably didn't really need a job and that it would just be NICE to have one. Especially since I am loving being him with the babes. this morning I got a call and I have an interview this afternoon. I'm pretty excited. I immediately called everyone i could think of who knew i was pounding pavement searching relentlessly for employment. then like any warm blooded female I ran to my closet to see what i had to wear... holy cow! So pre-baby i had tons of cute dress slacks, skirts, even really snazzy blouses, you know the kinda that make sure to excentuate that flat stomach and that small waist. Not only are those specific clothes in a plastic stoarge bin out of reach, but there's no way they would even fit me right now. I had a minor, and by minor i do mean minor panic attack. I started wondering, "am i going to blow this interview because i look like i just had a baby 2 months ago and i'm 6 months out?" "can i get away with jeans?" Trust me, everything crossed my mind. I didn't even think that i would need professional clothes, ever to be the truth. My job pre-baby was pretty much my all time favorite. I could wear jeans to work, it was awesome. so the last two years i haven't had need for interview attire.
I was in luck though, I was able to find a skirt all the way at the back of my closet. it was hidden on a hanger with a pair of Andrew's slacks folded over the top. I don't know that I will be dressed to kill, but i did my hair and I will look professional. I'm still excited though and nervous at the same time. I haven't worked in 7 months. go figure. it's like ridding a bike, right? ♥

On a better note, I am so very excited about dinner tonight. Actually I am excited about dinner pretty much every night this week. I am going to be making tuna steaks. I have never actually made these. They looks pretty good at the butcher block so i am hoping that they taste just as great once they make it to my table. (we still eat dorm style on our couches... so i guess once they make it to the couch.)

this morning I finished a project i have been dying to get started on. All my friends who are pregnant this time around are having little girls. I've been embellishing onesies and making little shoes and hair bows. it's been fun. What do you make that is crafty for little guys? I haven't been able to come up with anything quite yet. But, I do have one really cute Idea for one of my friends soon to be's Jackson. I will post before i package it all up once I get it put together.


  1. yay for tuna steaks!! Those shoes look fabulous!!

  2. I'll have to send you a picture of the little ties my friend makes for her little boy. They are very crafty and pretty darn cute too!