Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Morning!

So here is my trooper of a guy, strapped into my jogging stroller. He woke up at 7a this morning and was ready to go, so we went! I'm trying real hard to get back to where I can actually run 3 miles straight through without thinking I'm going to die. (I don't remember running hurting my knees so much or getting shin splints) I decided that I want to be able to run 80% of two miles by the end of this month. I'm currently running about 80% of one mile and then walking the other two. Then my next goal is to make it to 100% of three miles by the end of May. That is doable, right? Plus the lil guy is super accomodating. He seems to like the fresh air and his naps are awesome on the days I make it outside to run with him.
I spent alot of time stressing over the 'how' of the post-baby weight gain. I'm done with that. I'm now fixing it. It was hard for me to deal with just because up until I stopped nursing I didn't gain more than 20 lbs while pregnant and once i had the baby i lost 25! so i was exstatic. Once i stopped nursing though, i gained it all back. Sad day. Luckily though I have a jogging stroller, no more excuses and a plan that has atainable goals. I'm not going to focus on the weight #'s as much as how I feel and use my old jeans as a goal. I figure that will be more fun anyhow.
You guys can all keep track with me. Weight loss and fitness are usually kept private because it is such a personal thing. The way I look right now isn't private so I figure I can share my progress with everyone.

(post jog strawberry,mango, banana smoothie mmmMMMmmm)

So besides my 'NO JOKING AROUND' goal setting, I've put together a pretty yummy menu for this week as well. I'm pretty stoked about it. And if they turn out yummy I will post the recipes so you can try 'em to.
MONDAY - Salmon Avocado Rice Bowls
TUESDAY - Buffalo Chicken Wraps w/ Spinich Salad
WEDNESDAY - Stuffed Chard w/ Fresh Marinara and Whole Wheat Pasta
THURSDAY - Chicken Jambalaya
FRIDAY - Lemon Walnut Chicken & Asparagas
SATURDAY - Cumin Salmon w/ Yogurt-Cucumber Sauce

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