Saturday, April 10, 2010

1a bed time, 5a wake up

i've been up and down all night long. pretty sure that the lil' tank is working on teeth. it's killin me just a little bit, but it must be some sort of pain full to have teeth rip through those gums of his. he's up crying like ever 45 min. it feels like by the time i am actually falling into sleep, i'm just getting right back up. and to add more to this mix, now that he is a rolling , crawling and climbing machine i have to change his clothes and the sheets in the middle of the night. i thought this only happened with toddlers who were potty training or little kids who slept deep in the night. needless to say this is night two like this. i need to invest in more crib sheets, and maybe a different brand of diapers.

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